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Price Match - General Terms & Conditions:


1. RCI will match the prices being charged by certain other suppliers to RCI Members for certain holiday rental bookings (“Price Match”) subject to the terms and conditions set out below.


2. The Price Match is only available until the 3rd May 2018 in relation to European Extra Holidays rental bookings which cost £229 or more. This cost is for the Extra Holidays rental booking only and does not include any extra items such as travel or insurance. Bookings which cost less than £229 are not included within this offer.


3. The Price Match is available once you have made and paid for a confirmed booking of holiday rental accommodation through RCI’s Extra Holidays brand and where you can subsequently show that the same accommodation is available to the public for the same period through another specified supplier at a lower price to that charged to you by RCI (“Comparable Booking”).


4. The Comparable Booking must :-
-  Relate to comparable rooms and board basis at the same hotel/resort property (with the same number and size of beds and unit configuration e.g. partial/full kitchen etc.), bookable (for a lower price than you have paid RCI) on a standalone basis (that means it must not be included in or be subject to any package or flight or hotel deal);
- Be for the same check in and check out dates as your Extra Holidays booking through RCI;
- Be advertised and offered to the general public;
               - Be advertised and offered through the following websites/suppliers only:




5.  www.travelrepublic.co.uk The Comparable Booking :-
• Is not valid for Price Match if it requires a call-back or is pricing offered on emails that are not also offered and displayed on a website.
• Is not valid for Price Match if it is offered through, or as part of a loyalty or rewards programme.
• Is not valid for Price Match if it is or is part of a special promotion or deal or is in any way discounted.
• Is not valid for Price Match if it is an error or mistake. 
• Is not valid for Price Match if it doesn’t reveal on its website the property or accommodation type you’ll be staying in until after booking.


6. As set out below, RCI must be able to find and check the Comparable Booking. Where RCI cannot do so using reasonable efforts we are unable to provide the Price Match.


7. You must submit your claim for a Price Match to RCI via telephone or online chat within twenty-four (24) hours of confirming the Extra Holidays booking to which the claim relates. We cannot accept claims for a Price Match which are received more than 24 hours after you have made your Extra Holidays booking.


8. You must satisfy all requirements/conditions that are needed to qualify for the Comparable Booking (if any) including, without limitation, residency, regional and age-related requirements. The price of the Comparable Booking must be quoted and available for booking in GBP (without reference to currency converters).


9. This Price Match is only available to RCI Members who are not in breach of the RCI Terms of Membership or RCI’s Extra Holidays Terms. RCI’s Extra Holidays Terms apply to the extent varied by the Terms and Conditions of this Price Match.


10. All Price Match claims, are subject to verification by RCI. We will not accept screenshots or other purported evidence of a lower rate that cannot be independently confirmed by RCI customer service representatives. Nor will we accept any claim that we believe, in our sole discretion, is based on a printing or other error or is made fraudulently or in bad faith.


11. Any modifications, changes or cancellations made to an existing purchase or booking that has an associated Price Match claim will result in voiding of the Price Match claim. The RCI Member will be responsible for any applicable cancellation fees. Only one Price Match claim may be made in respect of an Extra Holidays booking. Multiple claims will not be accepted. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or discount.


12. We reserve the right to modify, withdraw or discontinue the Price Match or to restrict its availability to any person or class of individuals, at any time without notice.


13. In the event that we accept the Price Match claim, we will refund the difference between the price you have paid for your Extra Holidays booking and the lower price of the Comparable Booking to your RCI account, which can then be used on future Exchange or Extra Holiday bookings, Guest Certificates or renewals, where applicable. The account credit must be redeemed within 12 months. The difference will not be made available in cash.  RCI Travel products are excluded from this offer.

















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